Slap-Kord - Shoulder Pad Removal System
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Football players suspected of having a cervical spine injury can now be treated more easily, safely and effectively if they are wearing shoulder pads equipped with the RipKord shoulder pad removal system. The RipKord system allows for immediate and full access to the player’s chest and airway as well as the ability to utilize a cervical collar to minimize spine motion during transportation to the hospital. In the event of shock the RipKord system will allow immediate removal of the helmet and shoulder pads giving medical personnel greater opportunity to control body temperature. In addition the RipKord system allows full access to chest for CPR and full access to airway without the impediment of the chin strap. In the emergency room, the RipKord system allows for an immediate x-ray and MRI examination to help determine course of treatment and use of further diagnostics without ever lifting the athlete from the spine board.

Use of the RipKord shoulder pad removal system allows for:

  • The helmet and shoulder pads to be removed from the athlete as soon as the athlete is placed on the spine board. The equipment can be removed without lifting the athlete from the spine board, which potentially could cause further injury and neurologic deterioration to an individual with a cervical spine injury.
  • Improved ability to control body temperature in the event of shock
  • The immediate use a cervical immobilization collar.
  • The ability to manage an athlete’s airway without interference from the chin strap
  • Full access to the chest for CPR in the event of a cardiac emergency
  • Immediate use of diagnostic x-rays
  • Immediate use of diagnostic MRI
  • Effective, safe removal of shoulder pads and helmet by two trained medical personnel rather than relying on anywhere from six to ten individuals to lift the athlete to gain access to the pads, while stabilizing the neck

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