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Until recently, when tending to an injured football player suspected of having a head or neck injury, EMT’s, Athletic Trainers, Physicians, and first responders have traditionally used the “log-roll” technique to place the injured athlete on a spine board. The athlete is secured to the spine board while still wearing their equipment and is then transported to the hospital.

Current research shows that the “log-roll” technique is NOT an effective method for controlling cervical spine motion while placing injured athletes on a spine board. In the event of a breathing or cardiac emergency, medical personnel have limited or no access to the chest and airway if the athlete is on the spine board in full equipment. Using a cervical collar and maintaining an athlete’s body temperature is not possible with the helmet and shoulder pads in place. In the emergency room, diagnostics such as x-rays and MRI’s are not possible due the presence of the football gear. Depending on the size of the athlete it may take up to eight people to stabilize the head and neck while the athlete is lifted off the spine board to remove the helmet and shoulder pads.

Current research shows the 6+person lift is a safer, more effective technique to place an athlete on a spine board when attempting to minimize cervical spine motion. Even with the improvements in placing an injured athlete on the spine board, medical personnel still have many obstacles to overcome due to the protective equipment worn by football players.

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